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The Full Babe Story

When I stepped into a Babe Store for the first time nearly 20 years ago, I was a stranger to its purpose. At the time, Babe was a unique concept to me. I quickly learned that a family can earn Babe coupons (aka money to be spent at Babe only) by doing things that promote healthy child development. These coupons can help you purchase brand-new, high-quality items for your family's needs. Little did I know that this encounter would set me on a path in which, 20 years later, I'd be bringing this innovative organization that has deeply influenced my family to Wabash, Indiana.

I am Katey Till, Founder and Executive Director of Babe of Wabash County.  My greatest calling to date has been being a stay-at-home mom. When our children were little, my husband worked (and still does) as a 7th-grade math teacher for Wabash City Schools. Raising three beautiful little girls on a single income wasn't easy.  As you can probably guess, money was tight. The struggle was real!  

When my children were little, I earned Babe coupons by visiting places that directly benefited them.  For instance,  I could take my kids to the library each week and participate in storytime, which helped me earn coupons. This process was open to all families, regardless of their financial situation. Everything I purchased with my coupons from Babe was brand new and of good quality.  These coupons were like gold to us and helped us out immensely! 

And that's why I started Babe of Wabash County!  I know how much Babe did for my family, and now I want to share it with others! 

In 2019, Babe of Wabash County was born, and in 2021, we proudly opened our doors to the public. Since then, we have served over 300 families from diverse backgrounds and partnered with over 40 vendors throughout Wabash County. Our primary mission at Babe is to foster a sense of community and provide educational, physical, and emotional resources and support for families. We envision a Wabash County where every family has access to the resources needed to cultivate a positive, caring, and healthy family culture. We value trustworthiness, adaptability, growth, unity, and excellence. And our goals are to promote good health, education, and connections. Most importantly, we believe that by developing authentic relationships with each family member who walks through our doors, we can achieve these goals. Babe is more than just a service provider; we are a community hub offering everything from providing families a place to play on a Tuesday afternoon to helping them connect to essential life-sustaining resources.

It's been an honor and a privilege to be a part of building this organization! If you are curious about who we are and what we do, we invite you to come in for a tour and see how you can earn your Babe coupons! So many great opportunities await you at Babe through our programming, vendors, boutique, and participating families! Come in and see what the families in town have been excited about!

Katey Till
Founder and Executive Director
Babe of Wabash County

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