The Full Babe Story

I can still remember the very first time I walked into a Babe Store.  I had no idea what it was or how this place would impact my life on that first visit.  Who would have known that 15 years later, I’d be here working hard to bring an organization that has meant so much to my family to Wabash, IN.


My name is Katey Till.  I am the Executive Director of Babe of Wabash County.  My family has been loyal supporters of this amazing organization for many years.  I used to be a stay-at-home mom.  It was the greatest calling I’ve done to date.  My husband worked (and still does) as a 7th grade math teacher for Wabash City Schools.  We were blessed with three beautiful girls and two more that went to Heaven before they were born.  As you can probably guess, money wasn’t free flowing living off of one income.  There were times we might have only had $10 or less in our bank account, bills on their way, and (of course) the baby was out of diapers.  The stress was real!  And even though many programs and financial assistance are available to people in need, our family made too much money to apply for such aid.  


Babe of Whitley County was a source of light for our family during times of struggle.  When my daughter, Daisy, was a baby, I NEVER had to pay for diapers, wipes, clothing, bottles, sippy cups, strollers, or car seats. Everything I purchased was brand new and good quality. I purchased these items by collecting coupons for taking my kids to places in our community that promoted good health, education, and connection for the benefit of my children.  So I was already taking my kids to to the library once a week for story time.  By doing this, I earned a coupon for each one of my kids which allowed me to “buy” what we needed for the next few weeks.  Nothing could be purchased with cash, which was an important factor in all of this.  Our money was already tied up in paying for bills and groceries.  I could see how all of the extras that came with having a baby might tip us over the threshold of “not making it,” but Babe of Whitley County kept that from happening.  These coupons were like gold to us!  Babe of Whitley County holds a very special place in my heart for all that they did for my family.  I cannot express how grateful I am to this organization! 


And that’s why a local Babe Store is coming to Wabash County!!!!!

So what is Babe?  Well, first: Babe is a spin-off of a larger organization called B.A.B.E (Beds and Britches, Etc.)  B.A.B.E. can be found in many different counties in Indiana.  As described above: Babe of Wabash County is an incentive based program that partners with different businesses and organizations in the county who promote good health, education, and connections.  When parents take their children (pregnancy-5-years-old) to these places who have partnered with us, they will earn coupons.  These coupons can be redeemed at our store for much needed baby items like diapers, wipes, clothing, and cribs.  In addition to partnering with county-wide businesses and organizations, we want to offer our own classes and support groups.  Some of the classes we hope to offer are parenting classes, basic educational classes to help get kids preschool and Kindergarten ready, and special support groups like moms groups and grandparents groups.  Through these classes and support groups, we hope to create something even greater than providing for a tangible need.  We hope to create solid connections through building relationships with the people that visit our center. Feeling connected and building relationships with other families and organizations in our community is a powerful need among people today. 


Babe of Wabash County is a project under the COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF WABASH COUNTY and is not income based.  We want to encourage all families of all incomes to participate in the programs in order to support and help build strong families.  Also all types of families are welcome: biological parents, step parents, single parents, adoptive parents, guardians, foster parents, and grandparents.  We are a fully community supported program.  The Community Foundation will gladly accept any financial gifts on our behalf. 

Much thanks to our board of directors and their passion and help to bring this wonderful organization to our community.  If you have any questions on Babe of Wabash County or would like to donate, please email us at or click on the donate button below.  Please also be sure to check out our Facebook page: Babe of Wabash County.


Thanks and we hope to be able to see you soon!

Katey Till

Executive Director of Babe of Wabash County