Here are some common questions about Babe

What is Babe?

Babe of Wabash County has three goals: to promote good health, education, and relationships with families in Wabash County who have children between the ages of pregnancy and five-years-old. We believe that in order to have a successful community, success starts at home. We also believe that our greatest service to the people of Wabash County will be by providing classes to help educate parents on good parenting skills and healthy lifestyle practices. There will also be a focus on getting kids preschool and kindergarten ready. By attending classes and support groups, we hope to help facilitate the creation of new and lasting relationships of families by connecting them with businesses and organizations that provide useful and essential services needed for the health and benefit of their children, as well as connections to other families and staff at Babe.

How does Babe promote good health, education, and connection?

We promote these values through an incentive based program. For example: When families visit the doctor for well-baby check-ups or they go to the library for storytime, they will receive a coupon that is worth $5 in value. Families can take these coupons to the Babe Store and redeem them for baby items such as diapers, wipes, clothing, furniture, and other much needed baby/toddler items. While at the Babe Store, families will enjoy connecting with other families through our classes, playdates, support groups, and other relevant activities.

Who is able to partake in these services?

Babe is a county-wide service. Anyone who has children between the ages of 0 to 5-years-old. Pregnant women are also eligible to receive services. Babe is not income based. All families of all income levels and backgrounds are welcome! We do not discriminate against race, gender, religion, sexuality, or age of the parent. Services may begin at pregnancy but will end as soon as the child turns 5.

What types of items does Babe carry?

All of the items in our boutique are brand new! Coupons can be redeemed for:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Clothing; including socks and underwear
  • Cribs
  • Crib Mattresses
  • Strollers
  • Car Seats

Can I purchase anything with money?

No. All items offered in the store can only be obtained by earning coupons that are issued through different vendors that have partnered with Babe. A list of our vendors will be posted on our website as well as on the back of the coupons.

Does Babe accept or sell used items or food?

Babe will accept gently used items, unopened packages of food and formula, and left over unused diapers. All second-hand items and food will be given away for free. All unused diapers must not show any signs of wear or tear. They will be bundled and offered in our boutique.

What kind of classes will Babe offer?

Once Babe opens our doors to the public, we will offer the following classes: A mom’s groups: by Katey Children learn through play/stations/come for playtime: Lauri Learning Lab- Katie and Melissa Pop up playdate- Amanda Shull More classes are being added to the agenda all the time, be sure to check out our events page on Facebook and on our website.

How do businesses in Wabash County benefit?

Businesses in the Wabash County will benefit from partnering with Babe because they will be promoted through the voucher system. Patrons of Babe will specifically seek out the services from the following examples: physicians, dentists, schools, the library, WIC, other health facilities, the YMCA, mental health agencies, and other support groups or agencies in Wabash County that offer services promoting good health, education, and relationships. All of these businesses will give their patrons coupons upon services rendered which will allow families to obtain much-needed baby items that would otherwise become an out-of-pocket expense for them. The Babe Store is an essential part of Babe of Wabash County because it is the incentive piece that motivates families to utilize Babe. The coupons and the items redeemed for coupons are the gateways to bringing families into our organization so that they take advantage of the resources and classes being offered that will help make positive changes for our community. Once families start to collect coupons, they will already be participating in services offered by area resources or attending classes and support groups through Babe that will teach to improve health, wellbeing, education, and stability. Local organizations and businesses will find that their partnership with us will help to not only promote them but Babe as well. It’s a win/win for everyone.

How does Babe of Wabash County benefit the community?

Babe of Wabash County wants to provide families with baby items that can be earned through participating in activities that good parents should already be doing. However, in addition to providing for a financial need, Babe wants to become part of a hub that provides connections through relationships between family to family, family to the Babe Store, and family to the community. In the article titled Partnering with Families and Communities, Dr. Joyce Epstein and Karen Salinas point out that educators, students, parents, and community partners who work together to improve students' learning opportunities will set the stage for young people to have a more successful outcome in school. (Epstein & Salinas, 2004.) The National Education Association not only agrees with this statement, but further states in its article Parent, Family, and Community Involvement in Education, “Parent, family, and community involvement correlates with higher academic performance and school improvement.” (NEA, 2008) Babe of Wabash County wants to be another source and positive influence in the community that is working with both the schools and families. This collaboration is essential to creating success for all future students, as Dr. Epstein points out. To do this, intervention needs to happen before the baby is born. We also hope to help create connections that give families roots so that they stay and flourish which will help to create stability of the family unit as well as the community. By providing one place in town that serves as a platform for organizations to teach parenting and educational classes to both parents and children, host various support groups that provide for the emotional well-being of parents, and provide baby items to families who are in need of financial support as a motivational tool, the Babe organization will help tie together family, school, and community in an ecosystem which have proven to be essential key components to raising healthy, secure, stable, caring, and charitable (future) young adults.

How is Babe funded?

Babe is 100% grant funded and community supported. We depend on supporters like you to donate both funds and items to ensure we can promote good health, education, and connection.

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely! We’d love to have you! Volunteer opportunities are always in need. Please contact our Executive Director, Katey Till to find out how you can become a part of the Babe family. All volunteers must submit a background check for the safety of our littlests patrons.

Can I live outside of Wabash and still use Babe?

You bet! If you can provide proof that you have utelized services that promote good health or education, Babe will issue the coupon on behalf of any organization that is not currently a vendor. Please note that issuing coupons for services not enrolled in our vendor program will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Babe holds the rights to refuse issuing coupons for any services that do not fit our mission.

Where are you located?

Babe is in the process of obtaining a space.

How can I support Babe?

Babe is a project of the Community Foundation of Wabash County. All financial gifts that total $250 and over must be submitted to the Community Foundation and will be given a tax receipt. All other monetary and financial gifts may be given directly to Babe. Please contact Katey Till with any further questions.

Do you offer childcare?

No. Babe is a a facility that nurtures the connection between parents and children for the benefit of the child. Although we will offer childcare for our mom’s group, all other activities will require a parent remains with the child at all times.